Alex Skolnick Podcast

Alex Skolnick Podcast

I guess this is good news: Late Saturday evening, I began receiving formal congratulations notices from “podcast analytics” companies suggesting I register for their services now that officially I’m “on the charts.”

Ok I’m kind of new to this (Charts?! there’s a Pod Chart?? 🤔) Anyway, there it was on a list at #35 of the music podcast charts, a few above the New York Times’ “Popcast” and B Real of Cypress Hill’s Dr. Greenthumb (hmm, wonder what that one’s about 💨😉).

By the time I figured out how to get a more visual screen shot the next day, it was hovering but still in the “Top 50.” Its been less than a week since launch and I’m feeling like… a podcaster. 👍🏼

Special thanks to my @patreon peeps who are supporting this & other new ventures. Also thanks to those who’ve given it ratings/reviews including this one here, with a description that perfectly nails the concept (we may have to borrow that).

Available here:

Apple Podcasts:…/podca…/moods-modes/id1523323475


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Or wherever you get your podcasts


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