Planetary Coalition Album Release

Planetary Coalition Album Release

Dear friends:
It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce the official debut release of “Planetary Coalition.”


A couple things that this project represents:

1. A statement of cultural understanding through quality musical collaborations.
2. My long overdue acoustic guitar project.
3. 27 Musicians, 5 continents, 14 tracks and 75 minutes.

On 11/11, CDs were made available via ArtistShare. Order here
Today, 11/25, the album became available on iTunes. Order here

I can honestly say that if I had to point to just one album that best represents my individual musicianship and tastes, THIS would be the one!

Not to worry, I still love doing what I’m most known for. :). In fact, one of my big inspirations these days is John Zorn, a prolific artist who successfully moves from style to style, captivating certain listeners with one release, shocking them with his next. Again, I’m proud of all my prior collaborations, but nothing compares to one’s “passion project,” where you have full say over every artistic choice and are the main composer, arranger and producer as well as instrumentalist, as is the case here.

So after two years of capturing ideas on cassette (or MP3 clips), fleshing them out, writing up charts, rehearsing and ultimately seeing these tunes through to fruition in the studio, I’m exhausted but – words I’ve rarely uttered – creatively satisfied.

There are more feelings surrounding this release than there is energy left over to write about it. So just a few things for now:

Two Album Preview Videos:
Tracks 1-4
Tracks 5-9

(A third video, with tracks 10-14 should be up within a week).

Some kind words from some noteworthy listeners:

“Alex Skolnick has done a splendid job on Planetary Coalition, delivering memorable pan-global collaborations with top international world music talent”  – World Music Central

“Alex Skolnick’s Planetary Coalition breaks all the rules.” – The Village Voice

“New Planetary Coalition album is just sheer genius. World/jazz fusion, all-star cast, brilliant sound.”The Jazz PhD, Creative Source

“The new album from our friend Alex Skolnick is out now and it is amazing. We guest on the track called Playa la Ropa. Each track features different musicians from around the world. Check it out and support great musical projects like this one because they don’t come out very often!”
Rodrigo y Gabriela

Project website:
The story behind the project

Finally, a notice for our upcoming performance at Liberty Science Center (and some of the best advertising I’ve ever experienced):

That’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who supports quality music during a time when it is extremely undervalued, making it possible for us dreamers to help realize a vision – especially one as ambitious as this. And special thanks to all the ArtistShare participants listed on the album who helped contribute.

As I watch all the chaotic fervor unfolding on the news, especially today (11/25), it feels more important than ever that we remember the small space and limited time we inhabit on this shared planet, our Island in the Sky. May this album serve as a healthy reminder.

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