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It’s finally here! We filmed this video last September. Like so many things, it’s gotten caught in the crossfire of scheduling difficulties and other changes. But it’s done and the reaction so far has been great!

I’m very proud of this, the first time I’ve ever conceptualized a video and brought it to life (with the help of some amazing people, the least of which are my musicians and dancers and the director, Kevin Mackall). Everyone thought I was nuts when I brought up the idea of placing each member of my trio with his own bellydancing doppelganger- then using that as a springboard to recreating one of the coolest, most recognizable videos of all time. But lo and behold!

You can now watch it on YouTube. Please feel free to share the link: You can also read the (abreviated) story via Guitar World, who was kind enough to premier the video on their website yesterday:
Guitar World Premier


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  1. Nice music, i like so much this style, flamenco, belle dance, etc and some artist as Tomatito, Paco de Lucia. Have a special energy.

    I need to say: to use a dish on head is very difficult…dancing with this is still more! Congrats for  the bellerdancers, the three are pretty and professionals but the more beautiful is the blond..why? hahahahahah ! and you are very 6666, broke the wall with guitar! Mr. Evil 😉

    See you at 08/20 with AST T-shirt! m/

    • World music has always been a huge influence, although it's not always obvious through a wall of distorted amps. This song offered a great chance to capture some of those flavors in a more organic way. Of course, you have to buy the album track in order to hear the extended guitar solo…And yes, the ladies were incredibly professional, a quality matched only by their beauty.

  2. I've been a Testament fan since day one & have even sung the band's praises to my former preacher back in the 80's. Being a life long fan of the band made it a no brainer to follow your career through the years, so I've been listening to Bollywood Jam since Veritas has been released. Today when Guitar World sent me the link to the video, I must say I was very much impressed. We know the song itself is spectacular, but the video seems to tell a perfect little story. I enjoyed the little 'Walk This Way' nod to the bursting through the walls too. All in all it was a quality video coupled with a quality tune. Most impressed and can't wait to see more. I'll be trying to catch your sitting on the 25th this month.

    P.S.: 'The Formation of Damnation' is Epic! What a perfect album. Please take it easy on yourself so you can keep up on your double duty.

    • It's great when fans of my metal work can get into this music. That's sort of been my point all along. For a few years, I had to step away from metal in order to develop these other skills (something that was widely misunderstood), but it was never 'this music' vs. 'that music.' I believe a lot more people can enjoy multiple genres if they only allow themselves.  RE: 'Walk This Way,' check out the link I just posted above to really get the jist of our 'interpretation.'

  3. This Vid is an embodiment of musical motion full of sexy posture in joined forces of form. Stirring and evocative rhythmic moves that capture a mood and play on notes that drive through the body from head to toe, tearing down walls of listening and visual pleasure with lasting and very satisfying effect.. Bolly Good!

    • Although I wasn't supposed to admit it at the time, I often enjoyed the dancing, sexiness and other elements in pop videos of the late 80's, especially the ones that were done cleverly.  Back then, I was doing my very first thrash metal videos, which were great, but dance and sexiness were completely off limits.  And I can remember secretly wishing I could do a video that combined dance, humor and dynamics between men and women. This video is the realization of those wishes. The seeds may have been planted by these videos:
      “We'll Be Together” (Sting)… 
       “Steam” (Peter Gabriel)…  (Wish I had the budget to do a vid like that…)

      • I remember the early days of MTV and how incredibly good Peter Gabriel's vids were; 'Steam;' and 'SledgeHammer'. A  musical stream of images with layers of visionary innuendo and striking poses in blends of creative force set in this new music based realm that lasted for decades…….Sting's vid reflects his provocative nature and fun dynamic, great artist . When you can connect and open the senses at creativity's core and let them flow into each other, something unique and lasting can happen.,

    • Absolutely. The girls are equals here, as they should be. There is an initial apprehension but gradually, a mutual respect. It's an artistic impression of both dynamics between men and women and the balance of masculine and feminine qualities within individuals.

  4. Lo and behold indeed!….brilliantly showcases the song….images ride the rhythm….tight, propulsive and a bit tounge in cheek…love the glasses on doppelganger #3!…an epic foray into videography!

    • Yes, the glasses are great but presented a small creative challenge. I thought we needed them to make it clear that the dancer is Nathan's doppelganger, (Erica has my streak and Kazja & Matt are both blonde and Polish). But Tava, bless her soul (such a sweetheart), just wasn't feeling them, especially for the delicate dance scenes, like the 'candle dance.' But we compromised by having her wear them on her head most of the time and putting them at select moments. Glad you like!

      • Oh the creative challenges…thanks for the background Alex! This video stimulates on so many levels and is clearly analogous to the 80's videos you cite below…happy you were able to realize yet another desire!

  5.   The obvious similarities of the two were the initial
    annoyance by both sides once the ‘awareness’ of each side was present.  The red brick wall in the background in both
    videos as well as the pictures and posters adorning the walls. The Folding
    wooden chairs looked pretty darn close to the same as well. Also, not sure if
    it was intentional, but the 3 doppelgangers and the 3 in Run-DMC were all
    dressed in black.

      Nathan egging you on when you went body slamming into the
    wall, just like Perry did with Tyler when he threw a plastic bottle at it. The
    spin & thrust maneuver was awesome! I saw Tyler’s move immediately when you
    did yours. It was an “Ah Ha” moment right there. Even without reading the
    Guitar World article. When you burst through the wall (In one shot I might add,
    as opposed to Tyler’s numerous tries (4), you could tell Erika was your doppelganger,
    not only by the similar gray streak but how she maintained interested eye
    contact with you as you were in the opening, and the other two were glaring at
    you like… ‘What do you think you’re doing?’. When you exited the hole & the
    Bass headstock, then Nathan appeared, a ’la, Joe Perry in WTW when his guitar
    headstock appeared in the hole in the wall first, then him) you could tell that
    the ‘glasses doppelganger’ was his because she kept eye contact & quickly
    subdued a smile as the other two were (kind of) looking away. That left the
    blond for Matt. Poor him… wish I had his luck. heh

    Once the basement portion of the video was done, and the
    stage area came into play, the white translucent backdrop keeping us from
    seeing the doppelgangers & Run-DMC in the videos are also similar… though I
    enjoyed the doppelgangers entrance MUCH better I might add. The stage lighting
    was also similar in the two.

      I could probably go on & on but I’m already getting the
    evil eye from the wife with spending so much time down here in my man cave. The
    joys of unemployment! All in all, awesome vid & tune & I keep finding
    more references in the two vids the more I watch it.

  6. Hi Alex,
    Was lucky to be at the premier of the video and of your new CD.
    Indeed you should be proud of both..
    Hope to be able to see you guys play again soon 🙂

  7. I loved the song, the first time i heard it (also on youtube but only the track) i've imagined like use it in a bellydance performance… And now, when i saw the video, the idea that i had in my head came true 😀 So obviously I loved the video! Really i like the idea of get together two of my favourite worlds, electric guitars and oriental styles, and mostly, if the result is such as great as this song.

    • I've often found that my worlds which seem really different, such as metal melodies and jazz harmony, or an improvisational guitar trio and bellydancing, seem to somehow go great together. I see it as part of my mission to bring these worlds together. Glad you can relate!

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