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  1. A poster that conjers a negative vibe in me. I've seen it before but didn't pay it much attention. I feel the artists intent is meant to be misconstrued at a different level in our reactionary response. I don't like it for that alone. Not visually appealing either and I stopped reading it after a short while. Art is subjective to the beholder of it and the tone of this stirs the minds eye on a subliminal emotive level, a factor, that some may deem cool but I think too conspicuous. And that portrayal is the lure, draw, that captures our perception of what we think we see or want to see ,and while fleeting, may prove us wrong with eyes wide shut. A reactionary rattle that victimizes us that I for one won't buy into.
    Good to hear from you Alex. Hope the tour is going well…

  2. I don't particularly agree with poster, but none the less I thought it was actually kind of cool.

    I read up until the point where it said "You should probably just stop reading now." My mental response was, "Yeah you're probably right."

    I've always liked art that has a big picture made up of words or other little pictures whether I agree with it or not. I wouldn't buy this poster… and it probably wouldn't give me any sort of pleasure to hang it on my wall.. and if I happened to come home pissed off one day I'd probably want to throw things at it. (Which might give me pleasure for a couple seconds but none the less)

    Oh well.

    See you in about a couple weeks or something! 🙂

  3. I'm a visual person and see it only for what it says from a distance. I've seen this before, and since the overall message doesn't thrill me, I pass on this one.

  4. Ok, this poster is a bit "dark" and subliminal. When I looked at the poster, the first thing that struck me was the word "obey." I enlarged it and read some of the phrases which I was then reminded of the song by Rage Against the Machine, "Killing In the Name." I don't care for the message of the poster nor the song "Killing In the Name." It reminds me of all the terrible and evil events which have happened in our world because of propaganda. Sometimes art requires a statement from those who analyze it. What does it all mean? I don't know, I'm not smart enough to critique this type of art. Interesting that you would post this during the Christmas season Alex.

    On a lighter note: My son saw you and TSO East two times this year. At Richmond, VA and Raleigh, NC. He said you guys were great. The rest of our family lives out west. We saw TSO West in Reno this year. It was our 3rd time and it was great. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all. Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas Alex.

  5. i ALEX.



    You are a free human.

    You are free to do what we tell you to do
    You are free to say whatever we want you to say.

    And you are free to go wherever we want you to go.

    So if you Obey us, you continue to have those wonderfull privileges that a free world democracy have.

    This is one of your best posts Alex.

    Welcome to the freeMan sociaty, expose the word OBEY as much as you can.

    From the sunshining land of
    Nuno Guerreiro

  6. The general rule in posters is "5 seconds". You have 5 seconds to get your message across and I don't know if I saw this walking down the street if I would stop. Too much going on and it seems like a very played out concept. It feels like something by James Victore, but not nearly as good. But hey, art is a subjective thing much like music.

  7. lol…it´s basic: if you need to sell you need seduce, make your customer need you, really, obey you, buy more and more… products to need be consumer – It´s a basic from any propaganda, but he need remake this poster: It´s terribly ugly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for me he dont sell nothing!


  8. That is a very interesting poster. The first thing I saw was the face and what I originally thought was a bow-tie. I did read the entire poster in its entirety, but it does nothing for me. Looking back, I should have stopped when it said to stop reading, but I continued to read on and waste precious minutes of relaxation time. Oh well. I couldn't figure out why it was talking about obeying until I took a second look at the picture and realized the bow-tie was in fact the word obey.
    As with all your posts Alex, very interesting. Hope that the last few weeks of your tour are great. I saw you a couple weeks ago in Charlotte and the show was amazing. Happy Holidays!


  9. Jb/John,
    Like you, I thought it interesting that Alex posted “This Is A Poster” during the holiday season. However, I commend him for choosing to post it at this time of year. It fits in with the “lemming mentally” some people have when it comes to holiday shopping. We need to raise our level of awareness and decide what’s important to us or what brings us pleasure.

    Retailers have been prostituting the holidays, especially Christmas, for years. When you enter a store you’re sublimely manipulated. Everything, from the entrance, the flow of the store, product placement, music, subtle smells, and even the words selected by the sales rep as they speak, are all designed to entice you to make a buying choice. If you try not to get drawn into the manipulation, not be a victim, you’re still being played – because you’re there to buy something. I hate to say it, but at times, the experience, can be considered a mind f**k or at the very least, an exercise in mental jousting. (Admittedly, I’ve been to many marketing seminars and they can be very eye opening.)

    Whether it was intentional or not, I feel this was a good time of year to raise awareness concerning these issues.

  10. My daughter loves this artist, she has t-shirts! I do enjoy this movement as well, but we both see it differently – she loves the words, I love the colors and shapes. I get this commercial art feel, this great red-black and white, that I love! and she thinks that they artist's name is OBEY!!
    Conveying a message in the images brought huge-discredit from the " fine art" camp, look at the graffiti artist Banksy-all we get is a name. But-it might not be best to have your name famous, rather than to have your style emulated by countless ads, teenagers, and a modern movement. Should the tide turn against you, at least you can always recreate yourself!
    If you must buy, then beware! The best sources are not always looking out for you. How does a traveling prolific musician collect art, and protect it?

    More good blog posts! Something I can sink my eyes into, thanks for sharing this! Another great artist to see in a Museum, Edward Hopper, the size of these peices will stir you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nighthawks.jpg

    all the best on your search!

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