New Signature Guitar

New Signature Guitar

It gives me great pleasure to announce my brand new signature model guitar from ESP Guitar!
When ESP offered to build my signature instrument, I admit being a tad skeptical, for two reasons: First, in recent years, I’ve become a vintage guitar enthusiast, with standards that are tough for any manufacturers to live up to, especially those whose history begins after 1970. Second, what was being promised was a tall order: a new guitar bearing the same traditional quality I’d grown accustomed to, but with a fresh feel, a modern aesthetic, options for variation and greater durability. I’m thrilled to report that the project has succeeded on all counts.

One Response to New Signature Guitar

  1. TPC says:

    Great news Alex! I am very excited about your new guitar coming out. I’m sure it was a decision you didn’t take lightly.
    I look forward to getting one.

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